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Elevator Madness

This app was based on the simple concept of sliding an elevator up and down in order to save people from falling into the empty shaft.

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Note: My apps are listed under Peter Mesnik because I am too young to sign the developer agreement.

The main menu screen allows for you to either start the game, read instructions, or purchase unlocks.

The two different game modes. In Normal mode, the elevator shaft moves closer to the hallway, then moves back and the people speed up, after that another person shows up and eventually they both speed up. In Arcade mode, two people show up immediately and both speed up gradually.
The total score unlocks include extra lives and different animations.

The high score unlocks include a rainbow colored elevator and Arcade mode.

There are also some brief instructions.

Here is a screenshot of the game itself.

Once a person falls into the shaft, you lose and this screen pops up. You have the choice to either use an extra life and continue from where you just were, restart into another round, or exit to the main menu.

Dot Tapper

This was the second app that I created. I developed this one over the course of a weekend using the knowledge I gained from Elevator Madness to speed up the process.

Screenshot 2014.10.05 00.10.46
The game includes two modes. Pictured above is the timed mode, Speed Run, in which you must tap twenty randomly placed dots in the least amount of time.

Screenshot 2014.10.05 00.10.54
When you either get to twenty dots(a win) or hit the background(scored as a Did Not Finish), this screen pops up.

Screenshot 2014.10.05 00.10.18
In the other mode, Survival, you must tap the dots as fast as you can to make them disappear. Once more than five dots appear on the screen at the same time, the game ends.

Screenshot 2014.10.05 00.09.32
Once more than five dots are shown or you press the background, this screen is shown.